We wish we could pretend to be more exacting in the way we plan our crops, but the truth is we're moved by the same passions as gardeners and retailers. We love to see cool new forms and colours, and we're always excited to grow something we haven't tried before. Many of our best introductions come from conversations we've had with our friends throughout the hobby - so please don't hold back! If there's something you've been looking to add to your garden or assortment, we can probably be convinced to go looking for it. A selection of perennials in our garden retail store.

It’s a loanword from Latin, Italian, and Old French and simply means “Joy”. When we chose a name for ourselves, we felt it was important to find something that captured our enthusiasm for plants and the way people experience them. Although our team has plenty of experience growing and selling plants, we’re actually a pretty fun bunch. We have a great time with what we do, and we can’t wait for you to share in the excitement.

Our roots are in perennials. You can find growing zones, height, habit, colours, and special features for every perennial we grow on the Heritage Perennials website: www.perennials.com. Close up picture of some white and yellow perennial flowers  

We enjoy productive partnerships with all sorts of local growers.  If there is something we don't grow that you are searching for, we would be happy to help you source them. This goes for pretty much any plant we can load into our truck to send your way. Please don’t hesitate to inquire about annuals, cacti, ferns, tropicals, succulents, shrubs, and vines.

We deliver anywhere in western North America, either on our trucks or via a carrier of your choice.

Contact us here, and your sales representative will be happy to inform you of your minimum for delivery.

We do most of our business as a wholesale supplier, but we've recently entered into a partnership with McIntosh Greenhouses in south Surrey (located at 1264 176 St), and we'll be offering an assortment of what we grow at the on-site retail location beginning in the spring of 2021.

Contact our sales team here and we'll set you up for online/mobile ordering.

Yes! We work with many customers to grow plants to their specifications - with custom assortments of plants, pots, tags, and shipping dates. The key thing about custom crops is to contact our sales team here with plenty of time to make arrangements. The supply of some crops have to be secured months or even over a year before the planned delivery.

If you’re a wholesale customer, please contact our sales team here. They’ll be happy to make arrangements to take you around our greenhouses. We’ve also hosted tours for horticulture groups (university programs, garden clubs, industry associations) - and we’ll resume these kinds of tours as COVID restrictions allow.

We're honoured that you'd consider joining our team. If you're a plant lover and you're ready to thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic workplace, we'd love to hear from you. You can send an email with your resume and cover letter to careers@growjoya.com. Or head over to our Payworks job listing page.