Herbs and Veggies

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  • Backyard Fresh

    There is nothing as tasty and good for you as vegetables picked fresh by you from your own garden or patio.  Even beginning gardeners can enjoy the sweet taste of success with our line of highly popular veggies, sold with attractive Backyard Fresh® labels.

    This Backyard Fresh® lineup is heavily weighted towards the most popular categories, while still offering a wide selection.  Tomatoes and Peppers are the most popular categories, with over 50 varieties between them.

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  • Culinary Collectables

    Foodies just love these fun and exotic plants. Culinary Collectibles® captures two of today’s hottest foodie trends;  growing your own vegetables and experimenting with new foods and flavours. While popular items like tomatoes and peppers are certainly part of this brand, the varieties chosen are rare, unique or sometimes simply oddball.

    This product line features exotic produce from cucumelons to goblin eggs, and ‘Crystal Apple’ Cucumbers to ‘Dancing with Smurfs’ Tomatoes.  People collect all kinds of things, why not encourage them to keep collecting and trying new edibles each year!

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  • Mighty Matos & Mighty Veggies

    Stronger plants. Bigger Yields. Better performance all around. Grafting is used by commercial growers around the world to increase yields and disease resistance, and to reduce water and fertilizer requirements.

    Home gardeners can now experience the exceptional performance grafting brings to tomato production.  Heirloom varieties are often the biggest beneficiaries of this (non GMO) technique, since they typically produce smaller yields. Grafting allows bigger harvests, while still maintaining Heirloom flavour and nutrition.  Peppers, cucumbers and melons round out the Mighty Veggie selection.

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  • JOYA Herbs

    We grow over 125 varieties of herbs ranging from reliable classic garden staples to culinary specialities. Check out our availability list to see what new varieties of highly sought after herbs we have added to our current production.

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  • JOYA Veggies

    Growers pick unique varieties to try every year. Watch for our latest offering in our availability list.

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  • Clematis

    From one of the world’s leading Clematis experts comes this range of outstanding varieties especially bred for today’s gardens.  Raymond Evison, world renowned for his award winning displays at the Chelsea Garden Show, has specially selected this range of varieties.  His signature on the label reinforces confidence in the product. Featuring outstanding flower colours and compact plants, these have the additional bonus of a secondary flush of flowers later in the season. These varieties fit in today’s smaller gardens or even in containers. Another bonus is elimination of the worry about choosing the correct pruning method. Colourful pot wrap and beautiful labels finish off the package.

  • Ferns

    Dozens of popular and hard to find varieties are grown by our experts. We are constantly adding new ferns to our growing program each year.

  • Heritage Perennials

    The Best Perennials Come out of the Blue ®From Achillea to Viola, we produce more than fifteen hundred varieties of herbaceous perennials.  Heritage Perennials trademarked blue pots are colourful, attractive and distinctive, perfect for creating eye-catching displays in the garden center. Hardy garden ferns and ornamental grasses are included in the Heritage Perennials® lineup. Consumers have conducted millions of searches over the years on our www.perennials.com website to learn about and find the perfect plants for their gardens. A full range of Point of Purchase items, including bench wrap, posters and brochures are available to add value to the brand, and inform consumers.

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  • Close up picture of some white and yellow perennial flowers

  • JOYA Perennials

    Some of our best performing plants will be featured in our new personal brand perennial category.


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  • Paeonia

    These have a category all of their own! Our customers have come to know us for our great selection of premium peony varieties.

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Shrubs and Grasses

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  • Two fairly new categories we have added to our ever expanding list of plants we grow. The last couple of years we have been carefully selecting and perfecting specific varieties.

    We are excited to continue to expand on the many grass varieties we already offer and add roses to our availability list.

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Indoor Plants

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  • Succulent Creations

    Our newly acquired growing facilities are stocked full of succulents! Nearly 150 different varieties are available at this time. Each season our talented team is busy creating beautiful combinations and hunting down the latest trendy pots to go with them. Watch for our seasonal succulent programs for the latest selections.

  • JOYA Tropical

    Our tropical plant growing programs are expanding! We are constantly on the hunt for new varieties and are excited to offer tropical plants year round to our customers. Availability changes weekly for these fast selling plants.

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Ground Covers

Ground Covers illustration
  • Jeepers Creepers

    Down low and fun to grow™ Jeepers Creepers® are durable perennial plants. Their low spreading habit makes them ideal for use as ground cover, lawn substitute, pathway or edging plants. Labels indicate the level of foot traffic each variety will tolerate.  Learn more on the Jeepers Creepers® website. Their brand elements are designed to be fun, catchy and casual. At the same time, the name and tagline clearly describes the solution these plants offer to consumers. Garden centers that carry this brand report consumer recognition of the brand, to the point of requesting Jeepers Creepers® by name, rather than by plant variety. Extensive Point of Purchase items assist in creating an impactful display.

  • Rock Stars

    Outstanding performers for rock gardens and containers. Rock Star’s exclusive collection of tough, cute and outstanding performers for rock gardens, containers and nooks and crannies. Alpines have always appealed to plant collectors, but many of these are fussy and difficult. These little plants deliver impact far in excess of their small stature, so we thought everyone should be able to enjoy them. Learn more on the Rock Stars® website. Rock Stars goal was to make these fun for existing as well as new gardeners.

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Annuals and Seasonal

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  • Due to the incredible response to our annuals program, we are continuing to add to this leg of our plant offerings. We send out a booking program well in advance so our customers they can pre-select plants they want to receive in time for the gardening season.

    Our seasonal program is in its early stages of development. The goal is to offer unique products designed to appeal to the retail customer to save time and increase sales for our wholesale clients. Stay tuned for more information.

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